Rise from the ashes of creation

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The Story

Breathe life into the ASHES OF CREATION.

Set on a fallen world untouched by civilizations for thousands of years, our players will:

Rebuild. Repopulate. Rediscover.

Cities will rise and fall, with their fates determined through force of will and power.

This is something you've never experienced before - a completely unique world that never stops changing.

ASHES OF CREATION takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with

cutting-edge graphics. We intend to put the word MASSIVE back into massively multiplayer,

with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action.

ASHES OF CREATION will incorporate the best parts of traditional

MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts.

Our players will choose their fate at every opportunity. Questlines will open and close based on

the interactions of the players with their world, because this is a world where choice is consequential.

Monsters will roam and grow in ferocity as civilization disrupts the natural order of things.

From the location of towns to the size of cities, our players will determine the landscape of our worlds.

Each one is unique in culture, ecology, and economy.

No two servers will experience ASHES OF CREATION in the same way!


A vast open world awaits you!

Explore visually stunning landscapes and conquer them in the name of civilization.

Watch as cities rise and fall - their fates determined by YOUR actions!

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Break what they've built!

Lay siege to epic castles, or defend your country's largest cities.

Play with thousands of other people as empires rise and fall at your fingertips,

changing the face of your world, forever!

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Pave your own trade routes!

Capitalize on the demands of nearby regions for goods and services.

Bring your friends through - and if you have the coin, invest in mercenaries.

Be sure, the roads are treacherous!

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Settle in the wilderness free from the trappings of civilization, or lay claim to

real estate in a village and profit from its development.

Farm and cultivate the land around you, bringing bounty back to these forgotten lands.

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Terrors lie in wait for adventurers in the dark places of the world.

Challenging tactics and intricate puzzles will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For no hero was ever given that title without powerful foes ready to tear them asunder!

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Forge a path for commerce!

In a world fraught with danger, there's money to be had in moving resources from region to region.

Invest in real estate, commodities, and trinkets to corner the market!

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Delve the deepest dungeons, and unearth secrets hidden for millennia!

Explore a dangerous new world, deciding for yourself what to risk and who to risk it for.

Your decisions will influence the world at large, altering the fate of players who follow your trail.

Will you fight for a brilliant future, or will you burn it all down? The choice is yours.

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Politics and war impact us all!

Castles exert control over vast portions of the lands.

Goods and treasures must pass safely through the realm. Everything earned, nothing given.

Will you protect? Or destroy?...

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Build your legacy!

Roam the lands for the richest resources and craft a sword wothy of any bard's tale.

Be the first to discover a sprawling vein of mithril ore and forge from the fires a magnificent set of armor.

Make it yours - put your stamp on it and let the world see your creation!

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