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    • Red Participant
      December 23, 2016 at 5:14 pm #1153

      Then, what do you think it should be ?

      Love playing MMO's and FPS games!

    • Julemanden Participant
      December 24, 2016 at 4:44 pm #1170

      What you guys basicly talk about is kinda like the systems in games like “Dishonored”, depending on how you play the game you get a different outcome. I just did 2 playthroughs of dishonored, one extremely low chaos and one very high one.

      ****MINOR SPOILER ALERT!****
      If you complete it with low chaos/almost no deaths everyone likes you and will help you, but on the otherhand you face way more enemies + they are more organised.
      However if you do a high chaos one, everyone basicly turn on eachother, both allies and enemies alike.

      It’s quite clear that the way you play the game there affect the world you are in. AoC could have something similar: If you are feared you get more bounty/monster quests, but people wont come with more peaceful ones, and the otherway around. Theres just one kinda obvious problem, what if you wanna try both, or wanna change your characters main focus halfway through the game? Any way thats my take on it 🙂

      Merry christmas and such (if you celebrate it, otherwise goodday Sir/Sirdette)

      Don't forget Jule is watching 🙂

    • Zeyji Participant
      December 27, 2016 at 3:26 pm #1187

      Back from christmas^^ I really like your idea Jule! I think if you wanna change you need to live up to the new identity for a while. It’s like in SWTOR where you can do light side and dark side choices which enables you to different dialogue answers. If you want to switch after a while you need to do a lot of the opposite of what you chose and I think that’s fair. If you are known as a brutal and strong killer, one tiny choice will not let you be known as a peaceful diplomat overnight

    • Red Participant
      December 27, 2016 at 10:00 pm #1192

      I think this is what we should stick with. Seems pretty fair and balanced to me! Now, all we need to figure out is the death punishments…

      Love playing MMO's and FPS games!

    • Orgot Participant
      January 11, 2017 at 4:28 am #1457

      In most games I play a death accounts to a loss of xp and a de-buff. Sometimes you even lose a portion of your inventory or need to find your corpse to collect your missing items. The de-buff is meant to kind of pester the player as incentive to not die, at least that’s how I view the de-buff option.
      There could be different options too if you want as well where if you die you can select option A) To lose _% xp and a de-buff B) Pay _currency/lose some items C) De-buff/xp loss. It doesn’t need to be those options in specific it’s just a thought of mine in terms to the topic :).


    • Tipsytoo Participant
      January 13, 2017 at 2:14 am #1545

      Oh yes and quests set up by the guilds..
      Like retrieve the stolen basket of our guild’s merchant,
      gather the components to craft our hot air balloon in time,
      or find the fat chambermaid before she gets it from a bunch of pirates..

      maybe throw in a few competitive quests between guildmembers as well,like a race to a certain place,named-lore area.. or a riddle quest where they have to collect hints and work together to solve it ,if the guildmembers do manage to solve it , repairs on the house , happy hour or somethin

    • Zeyji Participant
      January 13, 2017 at 11:12 am #1565

      That’s exactly what I meant 🙂

    • SliceEffect Participant
      May 1, 2017 at 4:51 pm #13615

      I’m surprised this topic is buried so far in the back. This concept would add a major + in my opinion. Having the ability to add your own quest to a guild board or a node board would be great. My idea of this process would be for the developers to create a basic custom quest template. The giver selects type of quest: Gathering, Protecting, or Hunting. Inputs Quest request details and Inputs the reward right away. The quest would last a certain amount of time which would be acceptable by guild members or node citizens. There doesnt have to be a trade between players. For example: If i want 100 iron bars gathered, I input Quest Type: Gathering, Quest Details: Gather 100x iron bars, Quest Reward: 100 x currency. This quest would activate on quest list and materials gathered by collector would automatically be accepted by the quest system. Once the quest is complete go to the board again and turn it in to receive your reward. The burden would be on the developers to initiate such as system of quests but this would add a HUGE depth to the questing system. Especially if not all node locations have the same materials in their environments. The system could even add a special citizen standing reward to both the quest participants. Imagine: hiring a party to kill a certain boss in a dungeon to find a specific item you are looking for or a group of people protecting you while you gather certain materials for a specific amount of time.

      What do you guys think?

    • Blackgate99 Participant
      May 6, 2017 at 12:50 pm #17251

      I think this is an excellent idea! People always love adding their own touch to a game. That’s why character creation is so important to people. EQ2’s create your own dungeon option was a huge success. It gave people the ability to create their own dungeons with items and creatures they had collected in the world. EQ Landmark had implemented the ability to create your own local adventures and quests, and it was one of its strongest features before the game was shut down.

      Will people try to abuse the system or use it to troll? Of course. But if you put a rating system where players can rate the quest good/bad, it’ll sort out the trolling quests at least.

      If there are storage restrictions, I could see this as an interesting mechanism to get rid of gear that you just don’t have room for anymore. Have a small storage on the quest giver where completing a quest would reward you with a random item that was stored on the quest giver.

      I could also see it as a mechanism for stronger guilds to get assistance in building up a particular node. Start offering rewards to bring around players to your desired zone and get them to assist in building up the node.

    • Shirikuryu Participant
      May 7, 2017 at 9:25 am #17806

      I think this type of system would work well with a “guild”. Players from the guild OR not, can make request to members of any guild to complete missions for them.

      There could be a UI that will list all similar quest (ie, gathering, monster subjugation, party request, etc) and will have filter functions. The details of the quest and the reward will be listed. If anyone from that guild sees a quest worth doing, they can “claim that quest” and have a ‘window’ of time to complete it. This window will coincide with it’s difficulty.

      Upon completing the quest, the go back to the guild for the reward. The person who put up the request will put down a deposit beforehand, and that will be given to the player who completed the quest. The person can return and pick up the requested item anytime after it has been completed.

      The reward will mostly be a monetary reward, but the main thing is that guilds that complete these quest will level up their guild. Giving them more reputation and access to facilities the higher they go. The guild reputation will decay over time from stagnation or multiple failed quest attempts.

      All quest are given to the guild leader(s) to review and accept. Once accepted, a contract will be formed between the guild and the requester. This is important as quest that aren’t fullfilled within a certain timeframe will deem as failures too and will decrease the reputation of the guild. So the guild leaders must be wise to pick and accept quest that are worthwhile doing for their guild members. (Ie, if the guild is full of harvester and gatherers, the guild master should focus on accepting quest for gathering instead of monster subjugation)

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