Any player familiar with MMORPGs today will tell you that the one thing which makes our beloved genre distinct, is that unique experience of being part of a community. Here at Intrepid Studios, we are working diligently to provide the best possible game experience we can.  We know that ultimately it will be the community who define our game as a truly great experience. Armed with this community driven perspective, we have taken it upon ourselves to develop a way that the player can be rewarded in our game’s success, by participating in our referral program.

Many of you are familiar with other referral programs, programs that offer in-game rewards or bonuses for having new players join the game; our system takes this one step further. For each player you refer, you will be rewarded 15% of all their purchases over their account’s lifetime. This can be used to; cover your own subscription fee, spend on the cash shop, or pay out to you directly in cash.  For example, if you refer 3 players who spend $100 each, then this will earn you a $45 referral credit. To make that clear, yes, you have the potential to play our game for free or even be rewarded with actual cash back.

Here’s how it works; You register with the Ashes of Creation website, or log into your existing account. Click on the “Refer” button on the top of our website, there will be an option to generate a referral link. You then share this link with your friends, which they use to register, making those players referred by you. Any purchases made by those players, you will receive a 15% reward based on their purchase amount. All  transactions will be absolutely private.

Not bad, right? We want to reward the players that help spread our game to make it popular and we know this system will get the word out. Referral systems serve a few purposes. On our end it drives players to the game, helping sustain a healthier population, and with that comes a healthier game. On your end, this system rewards you with the ability to play for free, get unique items, or receive cash.

Here at Intrepid Studios, we believe firmly in player choice. And while we are incorporating this philosophy across vast aspects of Ashes of Creation, we wanted to broaden this belief into our community building as well. We understand that giving players the ability to be rewarded with actual money is an exciting prospect in the gaming industry, but remember “With great power, comes great responsibility.” In other words, we ask that you use this system responsibly, don’t go spamming forums or your friends with endless links. A little goes a long way!

Terms and conditions will apply. Unique conditions will apply for international users.