Steven Sharif – Creative Director

I’ve been an avid gamer for over 25 years, and time after time I find myself playing MMORPG’s. There is something about the Massively Multiplayer part of the game that has always intrigued me. Nothing compares with the experience of playing with thousands of people, from across the world. Everything in my design for Ashes of Creation, stems from that role of “community” in our game. I want to see the players dictate the direction of our story. I want to see the world we develop, adapt and react to the player’s actions. Most importantly, I want to see a game built by gamers FOR gamers.

  John Moore – Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer here at Intrepid Studios, it’s my responsibility to oversee the economic scope of our endeavors. Creating an MMORPG is a large financial responsibility, especially one of this magnitude. We have brought together a team of veterans from the MMO industry to facilitate this project’s development. Most importantly, we are engaging our community directly in an effort to show greater transparency than any other game developer has before. I’m personally very excited to see our community grow, as we share the next greatest MMORPG, Ashes of Creation.

  Jeffrey Bard – Lead Game Designer

I’m the resident bard, a jack-of-all trades who wears a bunch of hats (even that one, sitting on your head, right now). I write lore and fix our internet when it needs fixing, troubleshoot the untroubleshootable, and make sure that our game actually runs when it doesn’t want to. But primarily, I’m working on making Ashes of Creation. I’ve been doing most of the scripting to get our core systems up and running, as well as carefully curating our lore and storylines. Game design is something I’ve been doing in one way or another since I was six, when I ran my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I’m all grown up now though, having worked on some amazing projects with some amazing people. That trend continues with Ashes of Creation and this group we have here at Intrepid Studios – the talent is off the charts, and I’m already amazed at everything we’ve built so far. I cannot wait to share this project with the world.

  Jason Crawford – Technical Director

As Technical Director and principal engineer at Intrepid Studios, I am charged with overseeing the studio’s software development pipeline and the technical design of Ashes of Creation. With over 15 years in the entertainment software industry, I bring vast experience and leadership working in publishing, game design, quality assurance, software engineering, and e-commerce across a multitude of successful indie and major AAA game titles. I am passionate about role-playing games in general and am a regular player of MMOs, single-player JRPGs, and numerous variants of pen-and-paper RPGs. I also enjoy listening to and composing music, working on and customizing my car, building LEGO sets, collecting comic books and manga, and watching vintage and modern Japanese animation.

  Michael Bacon – Senior Environment Artist

As a Senior Environment Artist at Intrepid Studios, I focus on making cool environment stuff, and I make a lot of cool environment stuff in Ashes of Creation! My goal is usually to give each location something visually interesting, cool silhouettes, something unexpected in the design language, but always trying to strike a balance of having one foot firmly on the ground while the other is always looking for a twist on convention and thinking outside the norm. Mostly I just like to create stuff. My credenda on AoC is simple: Use the great powers of the Game DEV god to make cool “EPIC” environments of ridiculous scale with extraordinary magnitude! That’s my shtick, and it’s worked out pretty well so far. I say “usually”, because I’ve been in the game industry like forever, so my other job here is annoying my younger Intrepid Ilk with an endless stockpile of references to really bad 70s / 80s movies and television, and telling tall stories of game developer past. When not here in the office, I’m usually at home mind-bending the wife and kids or vice versa, playing way too many noodles on an assortment of Fender Stratocasters and/or watching/directing really bad genre films! Pack all that into a panel van and not a bad life this one has!

  Trystan Snodgrass – Senior Level Designer

As senior level designer, here at Intrepid Studios, my primary role is the design and development of the in-game world. This involves protyping and blocking out areas, sculpting and painting the terrain, vegetation and prop placement, atmospheric elements, cinematic development, and much more. I’ve always been passionate about the world and the environment we see around us every day, and am thankful to be able to recreate, experiment, and elaborate on it in the digital world.

  David Thornfield – Senior Animator

My role as a Senior Animator at Intrepid Studios involves rigging, skinning and animating characters and creatures. This involves placing a virtual skeleton inside of the characters and attaching the skin and clothes to the bones so they can be manipulated by the animator. Once the rig is setup, I move onto the animation process. Using the controllers of the rig, I can pose the character frame by frame creating the “illusion of life” known as animation. Once the animation is completed I then implement it into the Unreal game engine. I have had the privilege of being a professional animator for over 9 years. Ashes of Creation is by far, the coolest project I have had the honor of working on, to date.

  Jon Arellano – Senior Environment Artist

As Sr. Environment artist with Intrepid Studios, it is my job to create beautiful and visually engaging 3D environments. It is a passion of mine to constantly push and improve, so I can find the best ways to build environments that players can immerse themselves in. I have the opportunity to work closely with industry experienced team members to build a world from the ground up. From the smallest of props to the largest of temples, I help to design, concept, model and texture assets to fill the game world. I am constantly working with our talented team to bring you the best looking environments for Ashes of Creation. Since I was a kid I always wanted to become an artist, from drawing on my notes in class to actually taking the steps and enrolling at the Art Institute of San Diego. I studied Game Art and met other strong willed artists who have aided me through my journey. This project is my dream.

  Keith Kovach – Senior Character Artist

Since early childhood, art and video games have been a huge passion of mine. Getting to marry the two together in a career, is a dream come true for me. As a Senior Character Artist at Intrepid Studios, I’m responsible for creating 3D Characters and Creatures. I sculpt the high-resolution models from both my own design, and our talented concept artists. After this process, I fine-tune and make them ready for in-game production. Ashes of Creation is a Fantasy MMO-RPG because of this style of game the sky really is the limit for creativity and originality. As senior character artist I am thrilled to bring back classic creatures with a new twist and bring to life beasts never yet imagined! I am grateful to work with such a talented group of people, and most importantly on a game I know I would love to play myself.

  Jeff Delierre – Senior Concept Artist

As the Senior Concept Artist at Intrepid Studios, I have the glorious task of creating some of the visuals for Ashes of Creation. This includes ideas for characters, creatures and environments, as well as full-blown illustrations and UI. The concepts are supremely fun to work on, with some fresh takes on traditional fantasy lore. I’ve had the pleasure to work on great projects in the past but this one is by far the most rewarding! We’re as eager to create this game as we are to play it.

  Peter Pilone – Senior Game Designer

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life through the medium of video games; fighting games showed me my love for competition, RTS’ taught me the value of efficiency, and MMORPGs let me see the things great teams can accomplish. I try to employ each of these lessons for my work on Ashes of Creation, whether it be while designing dungeons to explore or an economy to leverage. Working with this team has been an amazing experience so far, and I know everyone has the same goal in mind: making a great game.

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